Greetings All!

The election is only days away.

Voting turnout has been low in the 3rd District. We really need to get people out to vote and send a strong signal that supports the work and vision I have for our District and County while denouncing the extreme views of my opponent.

Janice and I have been precinct walking and the response has been very positive. My friend Susan is getting together a pdf of the voters who have yet to vote. She will send this to me on Friday and then the fun begins. Over the weekend, we need to call a select list of people who haven’t voted to get them to send in or vote in person. Not to overstate it but this is critical for our democracy.

If you can help with the calling, please send me an email. If you can’t call, please talk to your family and friends and people in line at the grocery store and get them to vote. I truly believe that if people vote, they will vote Haschak.

I am counting the days, appreciating your support so far, and wishing you the best.