Good Morning Everyone!

It looks like a solid victory with over 70% of the vote so far!

Many thanks are due for this win for the people of the 3rd District and Mendocino County. First of all, I want to thank my wife Janice for helping, advising, supporting me and the campaign all along the way. My campaign team has been incredible and a special thank you to Marc Komer for being the unsung hero as Treasurer. All of your efforts and belief in me and the campaign made it all worthwhile.

Thank you 3rd District for sending a strong message that we build stronger communities by working together. I have been lucky to work with Fire Safe Councils, civic organizations, environmental groups, and people who care about the welfare of their neighbors and communities. That has been a real blessing. All communities and people of this county matter and we will continue to work towards safer, healthier communities, an economy that works for all of us, and a more efficient, transparent, and responsive government.

We are in this together, we are stronger together, and we can be better neighbors by working towards a more inclusive, supportive and healthy Mendocino County.

Wishing you the best,