Looking ahead, there is a lot of work left to do. We have to ensure that Mendocino County has water security. Drought resiliency throughout the county is a high priority. I will continue working on improving the safety of our communities whether it be by additional emergency access routes or additional funding for our fire safe communities, fire and law enforcement agencies.

Economic development is an ongoing issue. I am committed to making the cannabis program work for our mom and pop farmers. Career pathway development is key. I collaborated with Mendocino College to start the EMT/Paramedic program this fall. Working with a committed group of people in healthcare, we created a Community Health Worker program. These are pathways towards improved community health and the education and trainings leading to the healthcare professions. I will continue working with Mendocino College, Mendocino County Office of Education, and Senator McGuire to expand educational and career training offerings.

In this time of global pandemic, it has been evident that we are all in this together. I will ensure that all communities are represented and receive equitable services by the County. Outreach and transparency to all the communities of the 3rd District is essential. I will be open, accessible, and responsive to the people of Mendocino County.